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You are on a journey.  Whether you are working on a hobby or trying to support your family, there are tasks that are necessary for your business.  Some of these tasks you don’t enjoy.  Let me help!

Who Am I?






Here is a list of some of the things that I am willing to take off your plate so that you can focus on doing what you enjoy doing.  If you want help, but don’t see your task listed, send me a message.

If you are a blogger, I can offer you:

  • proofreading
  • drafting posts
  • internet research
  • keyword research
  • image creation

If you are a small or home business, I can offer you:

  • file set up
  • spreadsheet creation
  • budget creation
  • invoicing & payment follow up
  • bill payments
  • website name research
  • Facebook page creation/management
  • bookkeeping entry

If you are a party rep (think Tupperware, etc), I can offer you:

  • order receipt, processing and delivery
  • Facebook page creation/management

I charge a flat $20 an hour with a 30 minute minimum and payments will be accepted through paypal.

Fill out the form and let’s get started together!

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